Massage Benefit for the Athlete.

In this photo, the redness on my back from a massage was not a painful skin infection. It looks bad, but I felt better because it relieved my tightness. This reaction is called hyperemia which is the presence of an increased amount of blood flow to an area.


Athletic training can produce microscopic damage to the muscle and fascial* tissue. Blood then moves less efficiently in these damaged areas. Old injuries, scar tissue, and muscle tension decrease blood flow to muscles and slow down the removal of cellular waste. Massage helps muscles recover, whether from training or tension, by increasing blood and nutrients circulating throughout the body. Hyperemia is created by the pressure felt in front of the massage stroke along with suction created behind the stroke. This brings more blood into the area. Microscopic tears are healed and muscle tension eased.

*For information about fascia, check out this article:

Seasonal Change, Muscle Tension and Pain

Happy Fall!

This is a good time to come in for a massage.

Our bodies are not only stressed with the change in seasons but also adjusting to school and its associated activities. That stress tends to settle into our bodies producing tension in muscles. When the body is stressed, images-9muscles tense up. Muscle tension is almost a reflex reaction to stress-the body’s way of guarding against injury and pain. Therapeutic massage can be just what is needed to get rid of a muscle pain that has just happened.

Unfortunately we wait too long to attend to muscle pain and it becomes a chronic.The first sign can be a mild pain, we find ways around it by decreasing our range of motion. Examples for avoiding pain could be using the rear view mirror on our car verses turning our head(producing pain),or turning our whole body instead of our head. It does work for awhile-decreasing how much we turn or bend by avoiding the whole range of the muscle. Until- it doesn’t.

People have been requesting massage for pain they have had “for years”.

This often requires a few weekly visits to achieve more range of motion and decreased pain. Clients experience blood circulation increasing in areas that has just been worked. This helps to feel more relaxed. Although can be painful, deep tissue massage in certain areas has been most effective in addressing chronic pain.