Massage Benefit for the Athlete.

In this photo, the redness on my back from a massage was not a painful skin infection. It looks bad, but I felt better because it relieved my tightness. This reaction is called hyperemia which is the presence of an increased amount of blood flow to an area.


Athletic training can produce microscopic damage to the muscle and fascial* tissue. Blood then moves less efficiently in these damaged areas. Old injuries, scar tissue, and muscle tension decrease blood flow to muscles and slow down the removal of cellular waste. Massage helps muscles recover, whether from training or tension, by increasing blood and nutrients circulating throughout the body. Hyperemia is created by the pressure felt in front of the massage stroke along with suction created behind the stroke. This brings more blood into the area. Microscopic tears are healed and muscle tension eased.

*For information about fascia, check out this article:

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  1. Tiffany Locke
    Tiffany Locke says:

    I’m glad you explain how a massage can increase the circulation of blood and nutrients, which improves muscle recovery. This would be a great way for athletes to recover and get back into shape. When choosing a center, you’d probably want to make sure you choose one that has experience taking care of athletes and their injuries so they can provide you with a massage that will improve your healing.

  2. Margaret Jones
    Margaret Jones says:

    Massage is really very good for muscle pain. Your post is really helpful. Thank you for sharing a knowledgeable post. I am looking for some exercises to get relief from back spasm. Can you suggest me some exercises or anything else to get relief from this pain.
    Back spasms

    • eileenmassage
      eileenmassage says:

      Your best bet is to find a good PT that can prescribe the right exercises for your specific issues. You can always google “best exercises for back issues” and try some out. Most of us, including myself, are not always consistent in doing the exercises needed to improve. Good luck.


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